Executive Summary: Europe-China Forum, Shaping a shared future

Report of the 4th Europe – China Forum organised by Friends of Europe with the participation of ND European Development Business in Brussels – Winter 2014

Executive Summary: Saving Europe’s “Lost Generation”

Report of the high-level European policy Summit co-organised by Friends of Europe and The European Development Platform, in association with the Irish presidency of Council of the European union 2013 – Summer 2013

Executive Summary: Economic Mission to Lebanon

Report of the Economic Mission to Lebanon organised by European Development Platform, Romanian Ministry of Economy and Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount – Lebanon – Summer 2013

Executive Summary: Recommendations to incentives an Open Innovation Environment: Personalised Medicine

Report of the conference organised by the European Development Platform and The European Alliance for Personalized Medicine, under the Cypriot Presidency of the EU – Winter 2012

Executive Summary: Infrastructural Priorities for the 21st Century – Developing the Danube Region

Report of cafe crossfire debate organised by EDP and Friends of Europe, a forum for key stakeholders in the Danube region to outline their visions of the region’s future and to discuss strategic considerations – Winter 2012

Executive Summary: Agriculture, a chance for Romania and Europe

Report of the international conference organised by the European Development Platform in partnership with the Romanian Academy and the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences – Spring 2012

Executive Summary: The EU’s Newcomers weight their costs and benefits

Report of the High Level Round table organised by E.D.P. and Friends of Europe, with the participation of Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn – Spring 2011.