Choose Personalised Medicine

The European Development Platform initiated the national communication campaign: “Choose Personalized Medicine”, aiming to improve the access of Romanian patients to innovative treatments, offer equal opportunities and identify innovative solutions which will reduce the discrepancies between Romania and the European Union in terms of healthcare.

Personalized medicine is the newest and most innovative way of treating certain diseases. This new approach represents the future in healthcare.

We started the “Choose Personalized Medicine” programme as we have found that in Romania there is a series of personalized treatments, which are neither free of charge nor subsidized, meaning that only few patients can benefit from them. In this sense, in Romania, the list of free and subsidized medication, provided within the public healthcare system has not been updated since 2008, a unique situation in the European Union.

As such, Romanian citizens, members of EU, cannot benefit from new treatments, discovered in the last 5 years, which means that they do not have the same chance to life as the other EU citizens do.

As patients and doctors are free to travel within the European Union, we have situations in Romania where patients are diagnosed in a different EU country and they start their treatment there according to newest treatments, but when they return to Romania they discover they cannot continue their treatment, because the medication they need is not available as it is not subsidized.

The European Development Platform aims at bringing this matter to public discussion and raising awareness of decision-makers within the Romanian Government and Health Ministry with regards to the importance and necessity of subsidizing all personalized and innovative treatments.

The programme “Choose Personalized Medicine” will run all-year round and will include projects, which will make personalized medicine a popular matter, known and understood by all decision-makers in Romania.

The most important immediate step within this programme will be the launch of an online petition on 28 May; through it, people will be able to give their signatures, to show that they are considering it a priority to make all personalized and innovative medication subsidized or free of charge in Romania, as soon as possible with the aim to offer equal opportunities to Romanians.

At European level, personalized medicine is already a priority and we strongly believe that through the European Development Platform, it will become a highly topical issue in Romania, too.