ZF Pharma Summit

Health Summit, Bucharest, 23rd – 24th of September 2013

The European Development Platform has supported the ZF Pharma Summit 2013, one of the most important health events in Romania, organized by the Financial Newspaper.

During the 2 days of discussions important health care system issues has been debated: the equal rights of Romanian patients to treatments as the rest of the EU citizens, the benefits of Personalized Medicine, trends in 2013 in the medicine industry and 2020 perspectives, Romanian health care system in the European context and its reforms: main action directions, the analysis of public hospitals, the market of private medical services for the next 5 years.

Among the speakers, we mention: Anna Herkmen, Supervisor Department of International Relations for Romania, Republic of Moldova, Belarus – ACIBADEM; Eugen Nicolaescu, Romanian Minister of Health, Dr. Sorin Oprescu, General Mayor of Bucharest, Cristian Bușoi, President CNAS; Marius Savu, President ANM, Nela Păvăloiu, President EDP; Efthymios Papataxiarchis, Director General Johnson&Johnson Romania and President of ARPIM; Pascal Prigent, Director General, GSK Romania; Carmen Orban, Manager, Fundeni Clinical Institute; Cezar Irimia, President, FABC; Clara Popescu, Vicepresident, College of Pharmacists; Iulian Trandafir, Director General, Farmexpert; Fady Chreih, Executive Director, Regina Maria; Ioan Nani, Director General, Antibiotice Iași; Robert Popescu, CEO, A&D Pharma.