More Europe for Rural Romania

Mrs. Norica Nicolai, Member of the European Parliament, Euro-Crişana LAG, The European Development Platform, EuropaNova and The National Federation of Romanian Local Action Groups organised the debate “More Europe for Rural Romania/More Rural Romania for Europe”.
After a period of institutional consolidation and implementing local strategies, Romanian LAGs are facing a new stage: cooperation, innovation and knowledge transfer are the key points of it. Thematic exchanges of ideas are required to find viable approaches, avoiding inefficiency, waste of energy and lack of shared vision.

The debate “More Europe for Rural Romania/More Rural Romania for Europe” aims to bring to the fore ideas of cooperation, partnership and promotion, which have been or will be tested and reduplicated.

We search for answers to questions such as:

  • What are the tools a LAG in Romania has to achieve cooperation with other European LAG, intending concrete results?
  • Will such cooperation facilitate an appreciable transfer of knowledge?
  • Is the information expressive enough to identify compatible partners? How to overcome language and information barriers?
  • Are there other sources of external funding for LAGs in Romania, beyond the Leader axis?
  • Following Nordic and Mediterranean Partnership models, shall we call for a Regional Partnership of Eastern Europe LAGs?
  • Are there any innovative models for promoting local products in the EU?
  • How to promote, transfer and capitalize in the European Union values of rural Romania?

MEPs, representatives of the European Commission, NGOs in Brussels, and Romanian LAGs are kindly invited to join the debate.