Recommendations for Developing Open Innovation: Personalized Medicine

Conference, Brussels, 29th of November 2012

The debate was organized by E.D.P. in partnership with The European Alliance for Personalized Medicine. Considering the international context and local perspectives, with the occasion of the official launch of the Cyprus EU Presidency report to the European Parliament, leading speakers discussed important aspects of personalized medicine and developed recommendations to foster open innovation environment and promoting economic growth by reducing medical costs using personalized medicine. Regulation needs adapting, research needs encouragement; new approaches are needed to allow for innovation, and training of healthcare professionals and awareness among patients and the public need to be boosted. European health care systems will need to take a more sophisticated view of health care that goes beyond merely responding to acute episodes associated with single illnesses.

The discussions were opened by Mr. Kyriacos TRIANTAPHYLLIDES and Mr. Petru LUHAN, Members of the European Parliament.

Speakeri: Jackie HUNTER, John CRAWFORD, Lisa BONADONNA, iNNOVAHEALTH representatives; David BYRNE, President, European Alliance for Personalieed Medicine (EAPM); Nana ACHILLEOS, Representative of Ministry of Health, Cyprus; Stephen MCMAHON, Irish Patient Association; Nela PÃVÃLOIU, President Founder of EDP; Paola TESTORI COGGI, European Commission; Cezar IRIMIA, President FABC Romania; May BAKER, President European Brain Council; Ana ȘERBAN, General Secretary, EDP.

Moderator: Peter O’DONNELL, Associate Editor, European Voice.