Innovation in medicine closer to Romanian patients

Conference, InfoEuropa Center, Bucharest, 10th of December 2013

The event continued the national communication program, “Choose personalized medicine”, launched by The European Development Platform with the aim of improving the access of the Romanian patients to innovative treatments, equal opportunities for the Romanian citizens and identification of innovative solutions to reduce the health gaps between Romania and the European Union.

Why is Personalized Medicine so important? Briefly, it is based on detailed tests that diagnose certain diseases, causing any genetic mutations, in order to provide the best treatment for a targeted disease.

Unfortunately, in our country, many of these innovative treatments are not on the list of compensated medicines and very few patients have access to them. In addition,
in a report recently published by the European Commission, Romania was ranked second lowest in Europe after Bulgaria, in medicine innovation, which represents a serious challenge.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Ioan Pop de Popa, Founder of the Romanian School of Cardiovascular Surgery, Prof. Dr. Ruxandra Ionescu, UMF “Carol Davila” Pro-Rector, President of the Romanian Society of Rheumatology, Prof. Dr. Maria Dorobantu, President of the Romanian Society of Hypertension, Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Burnei, President of the Romanian Association of Traumatology and Orthopedic Pediatrics, Prof. Dr. Petrișor Geavlete, Vice-president of Romanian Association of Urology,
Dr. Alexandru Grigorescu, Executive President of the National Society for Medical Oncology Romania, Prof. dr. Christian Chiricuta, President, Amethyst Radiotherapy, Cezar Irimia, Chairman of the Romanian Alliance of Chronicles Patients of Romania.

Moderator: Dr. Marius Geantă, PHGEN – National Task Force Romania