Business Forum: Industrial Regeneration of Romania

Round Table, Bacãu, 7th – 9th of October 2011

In collaboration with the Department of European Affairs, with the participation of Mr. Valerian VREME, Minister of Communications and Information Society, EDP organized the forum “Industrial Regeneration of Romania”, on 7th-9th October 2011 in Bacãu. The event was part of the range of international events of EDP, as debate arena, recognized in the European Parliament, which aims to support the Romanian companies in the assertion in the European space and attracting necessary investments for the development of Romania. In this context, the discussions focused on the need of industrial development of Romania, in order to mitigate the negative effects of the current economic crisis and to facilitate the dialogue among groups of local and foreign business, in order to rise the investments.

Speakers: Anton SCHRAG, Representative of the Commissioner Johannes HAHN; Halina GOLEBICKA, First Counselor Embassy of Poland; Mirela TOTEVA, Ministry of European Funds Bulgaria; Bogdan MÃNOIU, Chief of the European Affairs Department; Romeo STAVARACHE, Mayor of Bacãu; Sorin PÎSLARU, Chief Editor Ziarul Financiar; Dragoş PÂSLARU, General Manager GEA Consulting & Strategy; Sorin ȘERBAN, Auditor European Commission. Moderators: Nela PÃVÃLOIU, Founder of EDP and Daniel DÃIANU, President of EDP.