Follow up “The EU’s Newcomers weight the costs and benefits”

Debate, Bucharest, 5th of May 2011

The Event was organized in partnership with the European Affairs Department and the Romanian European Institute as the follow-up debate of the high-level roundtable organized on March 29, in Brussels. The discussions have been divided into two sessions: concerning the budget of the European Union and the Economic Convergence – The Role of the Structural and Cohesion Funds; the Economic Crisis and the European labor market; what is the role of the Schengen standstill? The conclusions of the conference focused on the proposals for the modification of the Schengen acquits and on the possibility for certain states to reintroduce the border checks, but was pointed the fact that the movement of the citizens cannot be restricted.

Speakers: Leonard ORBAN, Minister of European Affairs, Titus CORLÃŢEAN, Senator, President of the Foreign Affairs of Committee, Korodi ATTILA, Deputy, President of the Foreign Policy Commission; Bogdan MÃNOIU, Chief of the European Affairs Department, Valeriu TABÃRÃ, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Marian TUTILESCU, Chief of the Schengen Department of the Minister for Administration and Intern Affairs; Sorin PÎSLARU, Chief Editor Ziarul Financiar, Dragoş PÎSLARU, General Manager GEA Consulting & Strategy; Cãtãlin PÃUNA, Economist World Bank; Dan GHEORGHIU, President of The Union Confederation Concordia; Cãtãlin CEDRIC GHIGEA, CEO Cassidian Systems – EADS România; Cristian SECOŞAN, CEO Siemens Romania.