Is Romania’s accession to the Euro Zone still valid?

Conference, Bucharest, 15th of March 2013

The Euro Zone has experienced in recent years a hectic period. The global financial crisis has highlighted the structural failures of European monetary construction, which cannot meet the economic challenges without greater financial, economic and political integration. Despite the recently taken steps for a deeper integration of the European economies, the remained road to be traveled appears to be long and arduous.

The difficulties of the euro area from a Romanian perspective, the workshop organized by the European Development Platform and Europuls raised pertinent question of Romania’s accession to the euro in this context. When do we expect to integrate in the Euro Zone – 2014, 2015, 2020 or 2024? Will the Romanian economy be ready to join the European monetary space?

The debate was be moderated by Mr. Daniel Daianu SNSPA Professor and Chairman of the European Development Platform and Sorin Pîslaru, Financial News.

Speakers: Eugen Andreescu, Senior Researcher, Institute of World Economics, Cristian Socol, Associate Professor, ASE, Aura Socol, Lecturer, ASE, Florin CITU, Economist, Radu Craciun, Eureko

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