Equal Access to Cancer Treatments and Medical Investigations

Mr. Claudiu Ciprian Tănăsescu, Member of the European Parliament, in partnership with the European Development Platform and the Association of Pacients with Cancer organized the debate “Equal Access to Medical Treatment – Cancer Treatment and Medical Investigations”.

The European Journal of Oncology shows that during 2009/2012, cancer deaths have doubled in Romania and the investment per patient is 52 euros compared to the European average of 102 euros per patient. The annual growth of new cases of cancer is 10-12% and the access to latest generation investigations and treatments is almost nonexistent. The debate aims to bring in discussion the Romanian patients right to have access to modern and effective treatments, like the rest of European patients.

Speakers: Ciprian Tănăsescu, Adina Valean şi Minodora Cliveti,Members of the European Parliament, Cezar Irimia, President Association of Romanian Cancer Patients, Dr. Karim Berkouk , Deputy Head of Unit, DG Research and Innovation in Health, Conf. Dr. Şerban Negru, Oncologist, Dr. Anca Croitoru, Radiotherapist, Nela Păvăloiu, President EDP.

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