About EDP

The European Development Platform (E.D.P.) was established with the goal of accomplishing a dual attribute, as a Romanian entity by creation and European by vocation. E.D.P. brings together privately and publicly held companies, from all sectors of the Romanian economy, NGOs and distinguished individuals from Romania, European Union and candidate countries.

This platform for dialogue is based on generating debates and meetings between local and foreign business groups in order to initiate and contribute to an interactive dialogue on current issues, aiming to provide economic smart solutions, to support the implementation of economic projects and partnerships.

In this regard, E.D.P. has initiated in 2013 the Project Economic Synergies, and the first economic mission was to Lebanon, leaded by the Romanian Minister of Economy, Mr. Varujan Vosganian. European Economic Missions in China and Israel followed, lead by Vice-president of the European Commission, Mr. Antonio Tajani and Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Janez Potočnik.

E.D.P. mission is to promote the culture of dialogue of public policies using appropriate communication instrument and involving experts in public policies research.

The values underlying E.D.P. are European values: human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, rule of law and respect for human values, correlated with Romanian national values.

The model of construction of the platform is also an European one, complex, offering a range of services, information and networking opportunities that manages to create synergies between areas without overlap with the interests of other organization ideas, while respecting ethical principles specific: transparency, governance, social responsibility.

The structure of the platform includes: Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Advisory Board and General Secretariat.

E.D.P. agenda consists four lines of action: European funding, dialogue with the European institutions, quality of life and economic diplomacy.

The platform is open to all organizations that share its vision and philosophy of action. Although it is a private organization, E.D.P. is to serve the public interest, the interests of Romanian society, being driven by European values, the spirit that brought peace and economic recovery, which promoted democracy in Europe.

Recently, EDP has launched a designated department to foster EU-China Relations, with specialised services for Chinese Companies that wish to enter EU market.

China Affairs Department offers services and information for companies and business associations that wish to develop economic partnerships, organises business forum and promotes projects of great interest.

Recent political negotiations between the EU and China are laying the foundation for a new era of business opportunities. Our department has the best experts in the field in order to eliminate any barriers for companies to start doing business at another level.


There is already a history of E.D.P. that validates the approach of those who initiated it.

Thematically richness of the events organized, honourable participation, numerous economic partnerships developed between members and investors, reactions in Brussels, Bucharest and abroad, illustrated in the media, are an encouragement to continue and strengthen this approach.

Let’s act now for the future!

Mrs. Nela Păvăloiu, Founding President